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#992: “My husband is dating my mom.”

When I was a young engineer I worked for a consumer product company doing process development work. After a year or so there, they finally cobbled together a comprehensive IT plan. Vice Presidents and above were allowed lap tops, technical people got work stations. So I often went a week without computer access. Meanwhile I’d see VP’s travelling who would leave their laptop behind when they did.

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MisterTea 7 months ago It’s okay. You, like me, are starting to realize that our way of computing is becoming obsolete. How many kids are using keyboard and mouse vs touch screens? They grow up thinking “this is how you use a computer”. One day we’ll be the old men yelling at internet clouds while sitting behind an old PC or some kind of open source terminal running an open source OS and weeping for the past.

As far as I know, almost all programming including for mobile devices is still done with a keyboard and a mouse, and I honestly don’t see this changing anytime soon the only way I personally can see changing this is if voice recognition combined with enough AI to make dictating instructions to a computer a reality This is also as far as I know still true for a lot of other productivity-type uses of computers — even though mobile and tablets are also used in some of this space, they often seem more auxiliary.

Most of the serious professional tools for, say, business eg spreadsheets, accounting, inventory, etc. Tablet oriented tools definitely exist especially in the art space , but a lot of times its not a primary use case, except perhaps in communication tools. Mobile space is a walled garden, designed more simply for limited real estate and touch, with more difficulty to poke around there is no real equivalent in the mobile world to open a web site, hit F12, and poke around.

Now, the original poster may have been referring to the new world of social. I did more enjoy the long form of social eg blogs that popped up in the 00s.

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With the popularity and rise in use of online text-based communications came the emergence of a new texting language, tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media. Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in many online communications including Facebook , Twitter , instant messaging , email and online gaming to name a few places. These abbreviations and emoticons are also frequently used when people send messages on mobile phones.

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Email Advertisement The Internet can be a confusing place, even for someone who is using it every day. Because Internet language evolves every day. In fact, Internet slang words can transform language itself Don’t Poke Me! Let’s go back in time and observe just how many have infiltrated the English language Read More , so you need to know them to get by in real life. Instead, we whipped up a quick crash course of trendy Internet acronyms and phrases. Ask Me Anything is a series started on Reddit, where an authority on a subject fields open questions.

These are some of the best AMAs online. Urban Dictionary says Bae is a Danish word for poop.

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There are no ads, tracking or monetization. Certainly bodes well for the future of Raddle. The article doesn’t resolve the inconsistency, A says they still don’t know why, B says they were told repeatedly to not do some unspecified something? Regardless, the free-software approach is a good change. Most of Reddit’s front page has tens of thousands. This doesn’t really scan like an organized effort to create a better Reddit; it scans like one particular community of people wanted their own Reddit-equivalent, which is a different sort of a project.

In particular, if that community itself is content with it, it doesn’t need to take down Reddit; it just needs to give them a place to hang out and it can last indefinitely. The money problem only actually really becomes a problem if it catches on with a fairly large group but nobody wants to pay–if it stays tiny, hosting tiny sites is cheap. Scaling is the expensive thing. I’m not sure what I think of their political approaches, but I like this model. Not one Reddit making money off of horrible people on which everybody is dependent to host their content, but lots of smaller communities that are self-funding and self-maintaining.

On the other hand, the reddit admins sometimes make problematic decisions; in a leftist sense, it was this groups’ politics that got them banned and following that, understanding the rationale or details is a necessary-but-not-sufficient condition for each of us to decide whether reddit’s decision was justified. For better or worse, there was no transparency to this–fine–but that doesn’t completely let the journalism off the hook for what’s an omission in their article.

I know, the grosser parts of reddit to seep into other sections for example, the North Dakota reddit I read has a prominent user that never gets banned named CraigCobb WasRight, and he’s not the only right-winger , but I also encounter people of similar political persuasions too.

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The Old Chapel 1 As a young man, my job took me to some interesting places Selling houses for a living; you never knew what you were going to encounter from one day to the next From crumbling stone cottages hidden down forgotten country lanes, to derelict farmhouses perched upon lonely hillsides, I had seen and sold them all The county I lived and worked in was one of rural poverty Degrading villages full of broken families with troubled histories were scattered throughout the beautiful Waking Nightmares I was having a miserable day Well…okay, I was allowing myself to have a miserable day I sat at my desk watching the seconds tick off on the digital atomic wall clock which also told me the date, the day of the week, and the temperature Ugh The temperature My super fancy clock said it was degrees Fahrenheit, which might be true…inside my office Outside, it was some ungodly negative number which I did not wish to think about The The Terror of Kambigan On certain quiet nights under the watchful gaze of a full moon, one could hear surreptitious moans, half manlike and half swine, in the dead air of Barangay Kampigan in the hill regions of Buena Vista near the border to Inabanga, both townships in the province of Bohol It is an ancestral place to me and my kin, whose virgin soil lay barely touched by the ravenous kiss of progress Much lay unknown about the dense woodlands of Bohol, and

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By Issa Mirandilla in Blogging. Updated on November 19, You can easily rewrite his inspiring words as, “Anyone can write a blog post, but only the fearless bloggers can be great. But if you want to write a great blog post, or one that makes people go “Wow! You can start with a: Thought-provoking question — “Do you know what a blog post and a sandwich have in common? All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. That is, an apple fell on my head. This is a hypothetical example.

To do that, every word, phrase, sentence, and even punctuation mark must add something to your piece. A handy trick is to read your draft out loud. Your draft could possibly feel “incomplete”, in which case, you can insert additional information to clarify your thoughts or strengthen your arguments.

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Redddate matches Reddit users based on their interest in similar subreddits. Redddate matches Reddit users based on their interest in similar subreddits. Dating site matches Reddit profiles. Redddate matches Reddit users based on their interest in similar subreddits. Below is a list of folders where the current post appears in. Select

By Max Knoblauch At least, that’s the story Google is sticking to. Bad news aside, you’ll need a replacement RSS reader to get your news, and we have an interesting solution: That said, Reddit has often proven itself adept at covering, analyzing and updating breaking news. Furthermore, on Reddit, users can discuss news as it’s happening, improving greatly on many news sites’ comment systems. If you’re interested in using Reddit as a crowdsourced, democratized version of your RSS reader, these subreddits are must-subcribes.

If you don’t want your news subreddits to fill your front page, we recommend creating a second account for news. Use Reddit Enhancement Suite to easily and quickly switch between accounts. Editorializing in submission titles is against the subreddit’s rules and will result in moderator removal. Many of the 40, subscribers are dedicated commenters, sparking encouraging debates on the top posts.

#992: “My husband is dating my mom.”

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 · List of social networking websites This is a list of major active social networking websites and excludes dating websites (see Comparison of online dating websites). For defunct social networking websites, see List of defunct social networking ://

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