Second autopsy results match initial autopsy reports for Teleka Patrick


Free sign up cp newsletter! Sign up By Sami K. Martin , Christian Post Reporter Jan 3, Patrick has been missing since December 6 and was last seen at a hotel, where she failed to get a room and simply walked away. Her family is extremely worried about her as more details unfold. Sapp explained in the personal protection order that Patrick often referred to him as her husband and had been stalking him for some time. Patrick’s ex-husband, Ismael Calderon, and Patrick’s parents have all expressed concern about her mental health. We have the utmost respect for him. Regardless of Teleka’s emotional state, we believe wholeheartedly that she has encountered some harm or danger,” they added.

Letter to Teleka Patrick From Marvin Sapp

Teleka Patrick posted a YouTube video in which she lovingly prepared breakfast for her ‘baby’ — but friends and family have no idea who that might have been. Teleka Patrick was last seen Dec. Her gold Lexus was discovered, with her wallet inside, later that night about miles away in Portage, Ind. Police have been searching for Patrick but she has not reached out to anyone since her disappearance.

Patrick failed to report to her regular shift at work the next day. Patrick has not been heard from since this time. As reported in press accounts Dr. Patrick left behind potential clues to her disappearance in some puzzling videos directed to an unknown person, such as the following: When YouTube videos of Teleka, speaking to an unknown love interest surfaced, the object of her affection remained a mystery. Patrick also left behind tens of thousands of tweets, most of the latter directed at Marvin Sapp, a renowned gospel music singer who is currently senior pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and who had taken out a protection order against Dr.

Patrick three months before her disappearance: Detectives quickly found many possibilities. As they back-tracked from the car, they found a twisted trail online — and a seemingly tormented life. There were videos — 20, tweets — and questions for two men. In a strange twist a personal protection order surfaced from Sapp, saying Teleka joined his church and that he has more than pages of correspondence from her claiming he is her husband.

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Gospel singer Marvin Sapp filed a restraining order against missing Michigan doctor video Updated January 3, at 5: Teleka Patrick, 30, is pictured in an undated photo. Patrick disappeared from Kalamazoo, Mich. CBS Detroit reports that singer and pastor Marvin Sapp filed a personal protection order against Teleka Patrick , a year-old doctor who has been missing since December. Sapp filed the order in September.

In it, he said Patrick claimed she was his wife.

The tweets need to be read from the bottom up. These are the last tweets known to be posted on this account by the medical resident before she disappeared on Dec. Teleka Patrick to stay away from a Grand Rapids minister, the Kalamazoo medical resident tweeted worries she was experiencing “one big psychotic break. That’s why I stopped coming to where you work. Because I was so scared it was all a lie. And I was very confused.

Missing Michigan doctor accused of stalking gospel artist Marvin Sapp

Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Teleka Patrick. WOOD — Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller released new information Wednesday morning in the disappearance of Teleka Patrick, describing instances of her unusual behavior and setting the record straight about her connection to a well-known gospel singer. Patrick was last seen on Dec. A hotel employee brought her back to the Borgess Hospital parking lot in a service van, where her car was presumably parked.

That was the last time anyone reportedly saw Patrick, Fuller said. The vehicle, whose sole occupant was the driver, then went off the road in the Porter area, about 40 feet from the highway, Fuller said.

So far, investigators have little evidence in the missing person case. Two home videos uploaded to YouTube feature Patrick talking, cooing and singing to someone unnamed and apparently unknown. Patrick’s mother told CNN she wasn’t aware of any romantic relationship her daughter may have had. But the videos have an intimate feel to them.

The two videos were posted in early November. A third video to surface came from a local hotel in Kalamazoo. That’s where Patrick went the night of December 5, just hours before police found her car in the ditch in Indiana. At a little past 7: She spent around 10 minutes talking with employees at the reception desk but ultimately left.

Newly surfaced video, testimonials help unravel Teleka Patrick mystery

Authorities are confidant that Sapp had an affair with Patrick. Sources say, Teleka Patrick of Kalamazoo, Mich. Sapp claimed that Teleka Patrick sent him more than love letters, however, several witnesses claim to have seen Sapp with Patrick on more than one occasion. Authorities are also suspicious of the fact that Sapp filed the protection order in September, some three months before the year-old doctor vanished.

The stalking had gone on for at least a year, Sapp said.

Analytical thinking outside the box. Some stories are always front page news. But the African-American narrative is largely ignored as if our lives have no value. So much so that it is common place, inevitable, and expected to hear more diverse news stories from friends and family. The ironic and saddening thing is, these stories are not African-American stories. They are stories that happen to be about African-Americans.

Every second that ticks is painful for Irene Patrick. Every moment that passes is one more moment wwithout her daughter. It’s been nearly a month since Teleka Patrick, a Michigan doctor in her first year of residency, mysteriously disappeared from her Kalamazoo hospital and her car was found ditched miles away. It can’t be the same. It would’ve been the first time the entire family had been together for the holidays in five years. Patrick was last seen Dec. A shuttle driver took her back to the hospital, where Patrick got inside her car.

Indiana State Police found it later that night in a ditch near Portage, Ind.

A Second Autopsy Confirms Dr. Teleka Patrick Drowned

This is a placeholder for your sticky navigation bar. It should not be visible. Missing med student Teleka Patrick: Since I wrote my original post about this case, some new info has come up, as well as a more detailed timeline of what happened leading up to her disappearance. Teleka calls her mother while driving back to Kalamazoo from Chicago.

Can you imagine not knowing where your child is for two weeks? I know that this is personal for me. I also have a son with autism who is at risk of wandering. This is the case for half of the individuals on the autism spectrum according to the National Autism Association. When I got to the tent, the mood was somber as one would expect.

I introduced myself to Danny Oquendo and told him I had come to help. He asked me where I was from and I told him I had come from the Bronx. He asked me to write my name and neighborhood on a notepad, so they can keep track of neighborhoods where people were searching. Danny also told me that the Queens area has been saturated and they need help in other boroughs like the Bronx. I totally understood, so I offered to take some flyers to post back in my neighborhood.

He thanked me and I left. I left with the image of his face in my mind. He looked liked someone who was desperate to find his little brother. My heart broke for him as I walked away with flyers in hand.

Letter to Teleka Patrick From Marvin Sapp

They are among amateur detectives from across the country who have delved into the Patrick case on websleuths. In recent weeks, they’ve uncovered her online videos , figured out her various Twitter handles, discovered how to retrieve thousands of deleted Twitter posts, and analyzed the 20, Twitter posts to determine which were most relevant and important — developments picked up and reported by the mainstream media. Websleuthers even figured out the Kalamazoo doctor’s apparent obsession with Sapp days before that development was made public.

It’s like having a gigantic worldwide research department at your fingertips.

Teleka Patrick, says Jim Carlin, a private investigator hired by her family to a. However, Carlin stressed that police have not yet identified the body discovered in Lake Charles in Porter, Ind. The release states the identity of the body is currently unknown and Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas said there will be no further comment at this time.

According to a news release issued by Indiana State Police, the body pulled from the lake by members of its SCUBA team was a woman dressed in dark pants and a dark top. An autopsy is scheduled for later this week. A call seeking comment from Patrick’s parents had not been returned as of 5: While trying to contact Patrick’s sister, Tenesha Patrick, a family member answered and told a Gazette reporter that they were waiting for an autopsy to be conducted before confirming anything.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Rick Strong confirmed a body was found Sunday morning on the south side of the lake floating in the water, but said the identity cannot be confirmed until an autopsy is conducted. But until we do the autopsy, we can’t say it’s her. At about 8 p.

Video Of Missing Teleka Patrick Raises More Questions

Analytical thinking outside the box. Have you ever believed in something whole-heartedly without a shred of doubt? Have you ever felt like there was absolutely, positively no way that you could be wrong, only to find out the you’ve been hood winked, had, took, and bamboozled. What do Teleka Patrick and my favorite Gospel singer have in common? The search for a missing Michigan doctor took a bizarre twist after a gospel great Marvin Sapp said the woman stalked him, prompting him to file a protection order against her.

Sapp, who is a Grammy-nominated gospel sensation and Grand Rapids pastor, claimed that Teleka Patrick sent him more than love letters, joined his congregation, contacted his children and even moved to Michigan from California to be closer to him.

Teleka Patrick, of Kalamazoo, Mich. Marvin Sapp , a Grammy-nominated gospel crooner and Grand Rapids pastor, claimed that Teleka Patrick sent him more than love letters, joined his congregation, contacted his children and even moved to Michigan from California to be closer to him, local WOOD-TV reported. Sapp, 46, filed the protection order in September, some three months before the year-old doctor vanished, the station reported.

The stalking had gone on for at least a year, Sapp said. In at least one instance, Patrick even professed that Sapp was her husband, according to the order. In a statement to the station Thursday, Sapp said, “As a father of three and pastor of one of the largest congregations in west Michigan, I cannot take this kind of obsessive attention lightly. Gospel singer Marvin Sapp, who serves as a pastor at a church in Grand Rapids, says Patrick stalked him, prompting him to file a protection order.

Authorities in Kalamazoo and Indiana were searching for her, and, so far, the case was being treated as a missing person. There were no suspects or signs of foul play, authorities said. News of Sapp’s protection order raised questions about whether he was the one Patrick was addressing in a bizarre series of YouTube videos that surfaced last month. The clips, filmed before the disappearance, showed Patrick appearing to send tender messages to an absent boyfriend and serenading the camera with love songs.

Her gold Lexus was found miles away in Indiana.

Second autopsy results match initial autopsy reports for Teleka Patrick

We find this sort of strange since the news has just came out about Dr. Telek Patrick missing, the woman who stalked him, allegedly. We wonder, did he tell his church members to fast before this situation occurred? Why ban them from social networks now? Of course, we know when one fasts there should be complete focus on God, but it just does not seem right, so sudden. You know, fasting has to do with complete surrender and repenting for anything that is not like God.

Obnoxioustv’s Blog You’ve officially been choked by the Bow Tie! McCray, III have been in church all day. However, the phone and iPad are yet hard at word. However, it seems that this might have been an old story that has resurfaced that was closed back on January 25, Often when something goes viral it appears again out of nowhere. Details are soon to come, but read the post from Scandal Media below: Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp says he was forced to file a protection order against missing doctor Teleka Patrick after she showed up at his church, sent him scores of letters and contacted his children.

Sapp to Teleka Patrick: Find new church

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