We copy and paste your text. If we have to type it for you, we may make a mistake, and, if we do and you want it corrected, you will have to pay for recompiling the disk or disks. If you send the text to us, then you will get just what you want. If you just send us a sheet with your text written on it, that is not what we need and we don’t want you to be disappointed. Text Added to Pictures We can add text to your pictures to identify particular people, places or dates. This is a one dollar charge but may be more if you want an excessive amount of text added. We need you to send us this text in an email or as an email attachment or on a floppy disk, so that we have the exact spelling for your text. Sometimes names can be particularly difficult to get spelling correct. We can add the text somewhere where it doesn’t take away from the picture but is readily viewable.

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A Carl Zeiss teaching eyepiece adapter. The central eyepiece fits into the standard eyetube of any monocular microscope. It has a pointer system that can be introduced into the field of view and moved to point out specific parts of the slide being studied. On the end of the side tube is a second eyepiece which has independent focusing which ensures the image is in focus for both observers.

Date from approximately but still works perfectly.

As mentioned in a previous blog, doing a preliminary sort gave me a general understanding of just what the heck is in my “family archive:” snapshots / 35mm slides / 8mm home movies / photo albums / framed images / letters, correspondences and documents / newspaper clippings / genealogical information / fabrics / antique toys / and other junque.

We are pleased to highlight its capabilities to research librarians, showcasing how we are using technology to increase access to content. BSO gave its inaugural concert on October 22, and has continued to delight music lovers for over seasons. Through six different components—the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops, Tanglewood, the Tanglewood Music Center, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, and Symphony Hall—the organization brings music into the lives of millions of people every year.

The Business Challenge In addition to performing, the BSO, a member of the Library Consortium in Massachusetts, maintains a dynamic archives department responsible for collecting, preserving, and providing access to materials in a variety of formats that document the history of the BSO and its many facets. The collection contains printed concert programs, press clippings, posters, photographs, administrative files, musical scores, architectural files, commercially released recordings, and an extensive collection of live concert recordings.

Archives staff answers reference inquiries via telephone and e-mail. Additionally, the BSO Archives reading room is also open to researchers on an appointment basis. Specifically, the BSO Archives include: Unfortunately, the old reader printer device at the facility only allowed access to some of this material. The archaic device was bulky and unable to provide output to modern formats. It was breaking down more frequently and getting more expensive to repair.

In addition, consumable costs such as toner for the device were increasing. The scanning device they use to scan prints is cumbersome to use and very slow.

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Crossing a “year-around brook,” the truss length is 21′ 6″ with a portal measuring 7′ x 7′. The bridge was designed by his friend, Gerry Cormier. The lattice pieces and the chords are constructed with 2 X 6’s.

Fortunately, there’s an easy and free way to bring old 35mm color slides and photo negatives into the 21 st century: make them digital using the Old Town Library’s new state-of-the-art Microfilm Reader.

Restoration and Digital Conversion Restoration and Digital Conversion Many families and individuals have old black and white prints or color slides that are stored in a box and gradually deteriorating in image quality. Silver halide prints dating back years or more can be scanned with a high resolution scanner and the digital image printed on high quality ink jet paper. These prints are rated to maintain image quality for years.

In fact, some high quality ink jet paper and inks are rated to maintain good image quality for years. Our high quality digital services are customized. If you would like more information, please contact us at rlawsonimages gmail. Old black and white prints that you would like restored and printed, please contact me. Larger prints with cropping are priced as follows: I have recently began copying 35mm transparencies in high resolution.

I photograph the slide with a Nikon D on a copy stand with a mm Micro-Nikkor lens.

Tips on Working with 35mm Slides

By choosing a slide scanning service to convert your collection of 35mm slides, you will be able to enjoy and share your photos digitally with all your friends and family. Birthday celebrations, holiday parties and family gatherings will be brightened by the memories of your past! The good news is slide scanning services, like FotoBridge , make converting 35mm slides to digital format a simple process.

Tips For Scanning 35mm Slides Protect Original Slides A slide scanning service will convert 35mm slides to digital format and then return your original slides. Even though you will now have digital copies made, we recommend you keep your original slides in a safe deposit box or a vault that is fire and waterproof. A good idea would be to also back up the digital format.

I have about 3, 35mm slides dating back to that I want to capture to my hard drive. I began that labor of love yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with the .

Barnitz, George Alan , Barnitz family photographs, ca. The photographs include agricultural activities and rural farm life from the early s to s in Phelps and Dent counties. The photographs include subjects such as cattle and hog raising, baling hay, showing livestock and the Lake Spring Homemaker’s Club in Louis, Montgomery City, and Mexico, Missouri. The documents include wedding announcements, newspaper clippings, and letters written to Martin Bates, Jr. The Photographs consist of portraits of family members and friends in the form of prints, tintypes, and ambrotypes.

Joseph Union Station, ca. Bean, Jack, Photograph Collection, P 0. Beckhart Family Photographs, P Copy prints of photos of the Beckhart family, including images of hunting and houseboats. Includes views of Parsons and Ft. Scott, Kansas and Denison, TX.

B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More

Nowadays, we all want to share our analog images online and the only way to do that is by digitalising our negatives one way or another. If you want to get the most out of your negative, then you should choose your scanner carefully as it’s probably THE most important part of the chain after capturing the image. Scanners can be as cheap as a dinner for 2 or as expensive as a car but today we’ll be looking at what is considered the mid-range film scanners.

We can ship from 1 to 30 slides for $ to the USA, $10 to Canada & Mexico GENDARME DIRECTING traffic Street scene Chartes France – amateur 35mm slide – $

Originally Posted by lvmensch We are about to embark on a similar mission. Have 40 carousels dating back to the sixties. Look for scanner with digital ice. Also have a few reels of 8 mm that date back to the 20s or so. Going to have those done by a professional lab. That’s usually the best bet for that, I would inquire about what method they are using for capturing them. If you find a company that uses backlit scanners that is the best way to proceed.

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Then, plug the converter into any free USB port on your computer, or into a wall outlet. Then, just turn on your converter, and you’re ready to start scanning your slides and negatives! It’s time to turn your old photos and slides into digital format! Then, press the “Scan” button and your digital photo will be saved onto the included memory card. Then, you’ll be able to transfer the photos to your computer.

Print File Slide Storage Box with 8 Archival Slide Bins, xx”, Tan Using my Print File Slide Storage Box with 8 Bins means that I’ll be able to locate the slide I’m looking for whenever I need it. These were just what I needed to archive my slides dating back to /5(8).

This allows the photograph to be viewed by a large audience at once. The most common form is the 35 mm slide, placed inside a cardboard or plastic shell for projection. Early slide projectors used a sliding mechanism to manually pull the transparency out of the side of the machine, where it could be replaced by the next image, and it is from this that we get the name “slide”.

Modern slide projectors typically use a carousel that holds a large number of slides, and viewed by a mechanism that automatically pulls a single slide out of the carousel and places it in front of the lamp. Standard 35mm film, such as Kodachrome, Ektachrome and Ansochrome transparencies from the ‘s, ‘s and ‘s are commonly in 2″ by 2″ slides with paperboard mounts, usually stamped with Kodak identifying information.

Other film manufacturers such as Fuji also may be identified on the slide mount.

Converting 35mm slides to digital media

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