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Camping in France

We answer your questions How long can I stay for? The prices are based on 6 nights but you can stay away as long as you like. How many people are allowed on a pitch?

Sep 08,  · Camping Hook up. Discussion in ‘Electricians’ Talk’ started by Merton69, Sep 6, Merton69 New Member. I am looking to make up an electrical hook up for my tent holiday for next year. V Industrial Range of Extension cables/sockets etc be bought/constructed and used for this purpose or is it better to buy a proper camping version? Thanks.

Thanks For This Post: Originally Posted by Fordy Bob Not long until we embark on our hols to France,one of my concerns is about the dreaded “reverse polarity”thingy,the two French sites we shall be staying at are Chateau de Gandspette just south of Calais and Chateau l’Eperviere in Burgundy,just wondered if any of you well traveled folk on here had stayed at either of these site’s and had reverse polarity issues at them.

I have bought a two pin plug adaptor should the posts not have three pin plugs and I believe there is a gadget metre type that you can use that will indicate reverse polarity. Some body suggested I should buy a spare adaptor revers the wiring in it, plug it into the post then my cable into that. The more I think about all this the more of a flap I can feel coming on. Its getting to the stage that I may suggest a rule whereby only the wife is allowed to operate electrical appliances as I believe my knowledge of first is slightly greater than hers the last sentence is only a wee joke Any hints or advice would be appreciated.

Try your local caravan dealer. BTW French plugs are three “pin” not two “pin” as they have live, neutral and earth connections. So you will need a second adapter lead with the plug wired the opposite way to the first. That will have to be a diy job.

AC power plugs and sockets

Hi Solitaire In terms that I can understand – not being an electrician You are already aware that some European sites use two pin plugs rather than three – the third pin being an earth lead. Each English lead contains three wires – a live, a neutral and an earth – all of which must be located in their proper place in order to make the equipment work properly – and that is done by the shape of the plug – it will only fit into a socket in one particular way.

On a two pin site there is NO earth wire just a live and a neutral and that means that it is possible to fit the plug into the socket the ‘wrong’ way round – hence ‘Reverse Polarity’ – in theory it could mean that your appliances works backwards. Seriously – it actually means that the appliance could still be live even when it is switched off. Go to any caravan dealers where they have a spares shop and they will be able to supply a polarity tester and a specially wired cable which fits between your lead and the socket – and corrects the polarity to that which you need.

Mains Hook Up Lead mm x 25m [Product Id: ] A simple and safe way to connect to the electricity at the campsite and get power to your caravan or motorhome. One end .

There are many different types of ‘aires’ but the ones of particular importance to motorcaravanners are the places where you can fill your water tanks, empty your rubbish, dump your grey water and empty your toilet. These are also widely known as ‘sanistations’ though others terms may be used, like ‘Entsorgungs-Station’ in Germany. In practice if you see a sign similar to the one shown here, you’ve found it! At some stations you can park overnight, get temporary mains hook-ups and dump black waste too.

Before telling you more, perhaps we should unravel some of the British confusion about the word ‘aire’, it simply means an open area or place. So an ‘aire de jeu’ is a playground, an ‘aire de service’ is a service area yes motorway service area too , an ‘aire de repos’ is a rest area again typically on a motorway but simply a picnic site, possibly with toilets.

An ‘aire de loisirs’ is a recreation area but not a child’s playground , and an ‘aire de stationnement’ is parking! No wonder we are sometimes disappointed when we go looking for one of these ‘aires’ everyone is talking about! But since we can’t make up our minds whether our vehicles are called motorhomes, motorcaravans or campers perhaps we shouldn’t be too critical?!


The Dordogne being one of the most beautiful and popular destination for tourists in France, home to charming villages, delightful scenery, spectacular sites, monuments, caves and castles. High Thorn offers high quality service pitches with pitch exclusive shower rooms, so each pitch has its own toilet and shower facility within our facility block. There are just 4 services pitches and no plans to expand the site.

You can choose to relax and enjoy the good food and wine, or get involved in more active pursuits such as canoeing, walking and cycling. Bring along your own caravan or motorhome and use of one of the 4 exclusive pitches and enjoy the quality, tranquillity and facilities that Hight Thorn at Haute Epine has to offer.

The mains lead for use on UK sites has a blue three-pin plug and socket. There are many continental sites, particularly in France and Spain, that still use 2-pin plugs. To use the electrical hook-up at 2-pin sites, you will need a short length of lead with a 2-pin plug at one end and a blue socket at the other.

Clockwise from top left: Typically no energy is supplied to any exposed pins or terminals on the socket, for safety. A wall socket or outlet also known as a power point in the UK, [1] receptacle in the US, [2] general purpose outlet or GPO in Australia and New Zealand, [3] and less commonly plug socket [4] or wall plug [5] built into the wall of a building, connected to energized electrical wires. Because it has holes it is known as a female connector.

Sockets may also appear on portable equipment, such as portable generator , extension cords or power strips , but are still generally the half of the connection that provides the electricity. A plug also known as plug top in the UK [6] generally has matching pins also known blades or prongs in the US, especially if flat so it is known as a male connector , and it is connected by a mains cable power cord or physically built into a piece of electrical equipment that consumes electricity.

Some types of socket have male pins and the matching plugs have female contacts, but for safety reasons these are only used for earthing grounding in US English. Some plugs have built-in fuses for safety. To reduce the risk of users accidentally touching energized conductors and thereby experiencing electric shock , plug and socket systems often incorporate safety features in addition to the recessed contacts of the energized socket.

Caravan Motorhome Mains Continental Adaptor

This morning, as I was stomping my feet in the snow to keep warm while waiting to leave the Caravaneige campsite above La Plagne , I got chatting with fellow camper Di. Beaming with pride, I nodded enthusiastically: Thankfully, the conversation moves on to the easier topic of the fresh snow that fell overnight, offering a snow-starved France much-needed respite.

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Our team has spent years searching the UK for the very best campsites and glamping sites in England , Scotland and Wales and throughout Europe too. Between this website and our guidebook series , you can discover our most-loved campsites. At Tent HQ , we don’t judge campsites on the number of showers or electricity hook-ups. We’re more interested in the location, the view, the ambience, and whether it allows campfires.

We understand that different people are looking for different camping experiences; families need half-decent facilities and plenty of room for the kids, couples need peace and quiet, walkers want to explore straight from the tent, and who doesn’t love glamping luxury camping every now and then in a yurt , tipi or treehouse! But whatever you’re looking for, as long as you favour the characterful rather than the commercial, smaller rather than larger sites, and value location or views over pristine facilities, then you’re in the right place for discovering the very best campsites in the UK , France and a growing list of other European countries.

And don’t forget to tell us how you get on! Your campsite reviews are important to other campers, so please tell us about your experiences.

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Real camping part 2 So after returning back to glen brittle campsite after 6 years I can honestly say the location is second to none! Regardless of any reviews on this site , it is worth every penny for the location and views and wildlife! My last review talked about how the facilities were not holiday park standard I can confirm that huge updates have been ongoing and the campsite has improved dramatically regarding facilities Our second problem was our tent was destroyed by the mountain gales that hit the island very cold weather hit us and sadly our tent was broken permanently , however not to be outdone we continued our stay sleeping in the estate car , the staff at glen brittle were all new to the campsite them selves however they did everything possible to help us in our predicament

A tunnel tent provides separate sleeping compartments and a spacious living area with plenty of room for camping furniture and a cool box – perfect for family camping trips. If you’re off to a festival this year a pop up tent is a great option as they’re easy to carry and can be setup in seconds.

How can I charge my gadgets while camping? The problem is how to keep all of the batteries charged. I have looked into the possibility of a solar-powered charger but they look bulky and I am doubtful that they will be much use, given the British weather. Are they any good or is there an alternative? Jason Welford, by email Lightweight solar panels can be built into or attached to rucksacks and can provide enough power to trickle charge a smartphone, even on a gloomy day, however, the smaller and cheaper ones, or those rated at less than 3 watts are likely to struggle keeping multiple charged.

Providing you can get to a power socket every few days then a power bank could be one answer. Basically these are compact and lightweight rechargeable battery packs with one or more USB ports; some of them also have solar charging panels. This uses a thermo-electric generator, powered by burning a handful of twigs, pine cones and so on. A small fan, powered by the generator increases the combustion efficiency and it can boil a litre of water in less than 5 minutes.

How to get power into your tent

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