DNA hit links death row inmate to Riverside County cold case


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The serial killer that won a TV dating show during his murder spree

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Edmund Zagorski is due to be executed today. Edmund Zagorski, who was sentenced in to die for killing two men during a drug deal, will be delivered the meal Thursday US time prior to being put to death, the Tennessean reported. He was moved to death watch earlier this week despite questions surrounding his execution, reports Fox News. The year-old convicted killer will die in an electric chair after he requested the courts to halt his initial execution on October 11 because he wanted to avoid the “unspeakable” torture of a lethal injection death, his lawyer said at the time.

Zagorski had opted not to order a last meal for his October 11 death, the Tennessean reported. At the time, other inmates at Riverbend Maximum Security Institute who are friendly with Zagorski reportedly collected money to get him pizza. If he is executed as scheduled, Zagorski will become the second person put to death by electrocution in Tennessee since Daryl Holton chose to die in the electric chair in A lawyer for Zagorski said the inmate wanted death by electric chair because it’s “the lesser of two evils.

Zagorski has indicated that if his execution is to move forward, he believes that the electric chair is the lesser of two evils,” attorney Kelley Henry said. Some doctors have said inmates being executed by lethal injection will feel like they are simultaneously drowning and burning alive.

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Tears as death row inmates beg for mercy Friday October 7 The head of European Union Delegation, Mr Kristian Schmidt right , shares a light moment with some of the death row inmates in the Women section ahead of the World Day against Death Penalty. There are currently inmates on death row; males and 11 females but their sentences have never been confirmed by the Supreme Court. Nearly prisoners on death row have begged for mercy and asked the authorities to expedite the hearing of their appeals after it emerged that most of them have spent years on remand without knowing their fate.

August 14, ¤ Death Row Prison Inmates, Male Inmates Age 46 – My name is Marbel Mendoza. I am currently on Florida’s Death Row since I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Now 46 years old. I left Cuba in together with my parents, arriving in this country in after 2 years in Peru. I am the only child my beloved parents had.

He asked me this over the phone, calling collect from inside his prison cell — the yellow cordless passed down the line, cell to cell, hands reaching through bars — on death row at the Oregon State Penitentiary. The reason he wanted to die, he said, was fairly simple. After half a decade spent sealed inside a white concrete box for more than twenty-one hours a day, with only other murderers as neighbors and with no hope of ever again seeing the outside world, he’d had enough.

He was sick of prison and sick of himself, and he thought there might be a way to make his death meaningful. So he was dropping his appeals, he told me, and would likely be executed, by lethal injection, in a matter of months. Why he was calling me — and why I wanted to watch him die — was not so simple. By the time I received this call, last February, as I was watching a Dora the Explorer video with my children early on a Saturday evening, I’d known Christian Longo for seven years.

In all this time I’d never been able to make sense of him, to reconcile the bright and dryly funny person I knew he calls the yellow cordless his “cell” phone , the guy I sometimes referred to as my friend, with the man who’d been convicted of the most unimaginable of crimes. In he had strangled his wife and two-year-old daughter inside their condominium on the Oregon coast, stuffed them in suitcases, and sunk them in a bay. Then he drove his four-year-old son and three-year-old daughter to a nearby bridge, tied rocks to their legs, and tossed them into frigid water, alive.

I was drawn into Longo’s life through the most improbable of circumstances — after the murders, while on the lam in Mexico, he took on my identity, even though we’d never met.

Part I: History of the Death Penalty

June 15, Richard Beavers Texas Execution Richard Beavers was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of a man in the commission of a robbery in According to police reports Richard Beavers and an accomplice kidnapped the victim and his wife then forced them to make several withdrawals at ATMS before driving to their restaurant where they and take money from the cash.

The victims were then driven to a field where the male victim was fatally shot.

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The Constitution disqualifies anyone under sentence of death from holding office. There have been no executions in recent years. This is due in part to two factors: Jamaica, [5] there is a presumption that individuals cannot be executed if they have spent more than five years on death row. Significant changes in death penalty law in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tend to develop through the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeals, a shared domestic court of final instance, and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the Commonwealth court of final appeal.

The Queen, the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeals held that the mandatory death penalty is unconstitutionally arbitrary and that courts must consider the circumstances of the offense and the offender in determining an appropriate sentence. The Queen, the ECCA explained the demands of full consideration of the offense and offender accordingly: The Judge must also take into account the nature and gravity of the offence; the character and record of the convicted person; the factors that might have influenced the conduct that caused the murder; the design and execution of the offence, and the possibility of reform and social re-adaptation of the convicted person.

The death sentence should only be imposed in those exceptional cases where there is no reasonable prospect of reform and the object of punishment would not be achieved by any other means. The decision in Wilson v. Vincent and the Grenadines, including decisions made by the Privy Council, at http: The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council posts decisions at: What is the clemency process? The prerogative of mercy essentially resides with a Minister after a non-binding review of a capital case by the Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy.

Death-row inmate and guard accused of affair

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Jul 14,  · Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Women on Death Row; TDCJ Number Link Last Name First Name Race County; Offender Information.

By Nathaniel Scharping December 11, 5: Along with last meals and long cell block walks, the opportunity to give a final statement has become deeply ingrained in the highly ritualized process of executing prisoners. Most prisoners take the opportunity to pause on the lip of annihilation and utter a final statement, and the content of these messages range from expressions of guilt and sorrow to expletive-laced outbursts.

Examining the final thoughts of people who have not only had time to think about their ultimate end, but who must also wrestle with overwhelming feelings of guilt and sorrow though not in every case , provides a unique opportunity for sociologists and psychologists alike. At the moment, most studies work to identify recurring themes, though work in the future could go beyond this to search for correlations between last words and type of crime, prisoner demographics, personal history and mental health.

At the moment, we can break down the final statements of death row inmates into a few broad categories: For many prisoners, the act seems to be an attempt to reach some sort of peace with their situation. Many acknowledge that they can never make up for what they did.

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Stoning of the Devil , Hajj Islamic sharia law is based on the Quran and the hadith as primary sources. Stoning in the Sunnah mainly follows on the Jewish stoning rules of the Torah. A few hadiths refer to Muhammad ordering the stoning of a married[ not in citation given ] Jewish man and a married[ not in citation given ] woman committing an illegal sexual act after consulting the Torah. The Qur’an forbids all other sexual intercourse as sinful , but makes no distinction between illegal sex outside marriage and illegal sex between an unmarried man and a woman.

They consider sahih hadiths to be a valid source of Sharia, justifying their belief on Quranic verses. In the Qur’an, four witnesses are required to prove the offense.

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WSMV He’s not the guy you’d want to take home to mom. But one death row inmate — convicted of murdering three people, including his mother — appears to be looking for love and drugs in all the wrong places after posting an ad on a popular dating website. Advertisement Stephen Hugueley’s tattooed mug was recently unearthed on social media site Mocospace, showing the year-old killer in photos taken from his Tennessee prison cell apparently with a smuggled smartphone, WSMV-TV reported.

In addition to posing for photos and making nearly 80 online friends while locked inside Nashville’s Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, the conniving jailbird appears soliciting for drugs and illegal contraband from the outside. Hugueley, who in addition to murdering his mother in was convicted of killing a prison counselor and a fellow inmate, expressed zero remorse for his actions when reached by WSMV in a jailhouse interview.

In a jailhouse interview Hugueley said he will “never” apologize for the crimes he’s committed.

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The features look strikingly similar to the now iconic visage that’s been burned into our collective consciousness over the past ten days. But this face doesn’t belong to the person alleged to have shot seventy people at an Aurora movie theater just after midnight on July For all the coverage of the crime, we know relatively little about him; the legal file has been sealed. But from media reports, we have gleaned some details of his background:

There have been many cases throughout history even in recent times where someone had been executed and afterwards we find new evidence that proves that they didn’t actually commit the crime they were killed for. In addition, there are many changing opinions all the .

Between the years and , the United States engaged in a civil war, one of the most significant military confrontations in the young republic’s life. The conflict dramatically altered the course of American society, eradicating the institution of slavery from the land and accelerating a number of social, economic, and political trends originating in other regions of the country.

It also made lasting cultural impressions across imaginative and material American landscapes, including the gradual growth of a complex tourist industry built upon memory, patriotism, and consumerism, and the immediate expression of a deeply rooted, though politically sensitive, religious attachment to a distinctly southern way of life.

The Civil War, however, was a major turning point in American history for another reason as well: While antebellum America demonstrated marked preoccupations with the reality of death in literature, material culture, religion, diaries and letters, and early medicine, the war led to the extreme escalation of certain tendencies emerging on the social scene, as well as to the production of entirely new views on death and the dead.

The incredible numbers of young men who died during the war, the problems associated with disposal of their bodies, and the rhetorical and symbolic efforts to make sense of the lives lost had profound consequences for American sensibilities and institutional structures.

INSIDE STORY: Scott Peterson’s Life on Death Row

Print 1 shares Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi C speaks as he presents candidates running on his list during an electoral campaign rally in the holy Iraqi city of Karbala on May 4, No date was announced for the start of any mass hangings. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up More than people, including around foreign women, have been condemned to death in Iraq and hundreds of others to life imprisonment for membership of IS, a judicial source said in April.

Most of the convicted women are Turkish or from former Soviet republics, while a Russian man and a Belgian national are also on death row. Abadi vowed Thursday to avenge the deaths of the eight IS captives, a day after their bodies were found along a highway north of Baghdad. They included six abductees who had appeared in an IS video with badly bruised faces.

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Supplied “How can I feel? For 13 years I am in prison, I am poor, I don’t work anymore. Singh wrote a pleading letter to Indonesian president Joko Widodo in March, saying: The President describes it as “important shock therapy”. Eighteen drug traffickers have faced the firing squad since the election of the president, known as Jokowi.

Most, including Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, were foreign drug criminals, whom Indonesia largely blames for destroying its future generations. The death penalty enjoys popular support in Indonesia; media polls have typically showed about 75 per cent approval. But it has come under fresh scrutiny after the nation’s ombudsman condemned the execution of a Nigerian man on the night Singh narrowly avoided death. She found three violations of the law. And this is completely against the law.

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Oldest US death row inmate dies aged 94 Viva Leroy Nash was first imprisoned for armed robbery at the age of 15 The oldest death row inmate in the US has died of natural causes aged Nash had a criminal record dating back to the s, and was deaf, mostly blind, mentally ill and had dementia, his lawyer said. He was sentenced to death in , for shooting a salesman after escaping from jail. But he managed to stave off his execution with a series of appeals.

Death row executions could again begin. Another form of execution was soon found. Oklahoma passed the first death by lethal injection law, based on economics as much as humanitarian reasons.

Christina Swarns, director of the criminal justice program at the NAACP, recently got the most high profile convicted murderer in the nation, Mumia Abu Jamal, off of death row. There are the rigors of her end-to-end Manhattan commute, how rarely she dresses like a grown-up and the usual challenges of the professional working mom. But that changes when the conversation turns to the role of race in the criminal justice system. Then the Howard University grad becomes all authority and passion.

She cites case law, death-penalty statistics and the history of Southern lynchings. She talks without pause, punctuating her words with hand gestures, even as her favorite portobello sandwich goes untouched in front of her. As director of the criminal justice unit at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund , Swarns, 43, is one of the most prominent capital-defense lawyers in the country — the rare black woman in a community whose public face is most often white and male. But it is her most recent victory that is by far the most high-profile.

In December prosecutors in Philadelphia declined to seek another death sentence against Mumia Abu-Jamal, a decision that took him off death row for the first time in 30 years and rewarded years of effort Swarns — and many others — had put into the case. In , Abu-Jamal was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer and his decades-long court battles gained him a national and international following.

10 Shocking Last Words of Death Row Inmates

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