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He agrees but makes them promise to cross the Yarden and fight with the rest of the Bnei Yisroel to capture the land. The removal of the shoe a man does when Yivum is refused. Yivum occurs when a man dies childless – His wife must then marry a brother or perform Chalitza with him to sever that bond and then marry whomever she wants. The Bal Haturim explains that if one goes out to battle in a war, one should write a Get, a divorce for his wife so that she will not have to resort to Yivum or Chalitzah should he die. David HaMelach learned from that. This is because Beis David required all of his soldiers to write Gittin before going to battle. Rashi explains that this was done in case the soldier would die The Get would be valid from the time it was written. However – If this practice was instituted to prevent Yibum or Chalitza, then if a man had had no brothers — or children – it would not be necessary.

Haredi paper finds ‘modest’ way to print Hillary Clinton

Josh too has had his share of suits, tuxedos, top hats and tails. What in the world is going on here? If you were at the Salute to Israel Parade on Sunday, you might have guessed correctly. Lani and Josh, both native New Yorkers, met in college in the winter of , after they each spent a year studying in Yerushalayim following high school.

In Toledo, Spain, there is an ancient synagogue building dating back to the twelfth century. The building has served as a mosque and mostly as a church over its millennial life. Today it is a non-denominational historical building – a national museum type of building.

Feb 09, 9: What is the Disability Tax Credit? The credit is intended for those with severe and prolonged physical or mental impairments. To be eligible, the person must be “markedly restricted” in terms of speaking, hearing, walking, eliminating bowel or bladder , feeding, dressing or performing mental functions of daily life. A physician or licensed practitioner must complete and certify the medical section on the application form. Figures for dependent children can be much higher.

Texas Doctors Refuse to Operate on Terminally Ill Girl

The Mundane is Sacred This is the opposite of escapist reading. Knausgaard plunges you into the material world, not just with his choice of subjects — apples, adders, tin cans, faces — but in the telling. Knausgaard is left holding it and wondering why we stop marveling at loose teeth, why we stop marveling at the world. This becomes the central preoccupation of the book: Parul Sehgal is reviewing Knausgaard’s book “Autumn.

Jerusalem hotels: Unlikely hotbeds of furtive, meticulous romance In lobbies throughout the capital, young ultra-Orthodox men and women sit down every evening to participate in a carefully.

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Monday, January 29, The “Rules” I am constantly learning that [fortunately] I do not officially follow the unwritten “Shidduch Rules,” so, I am fully aware that some things I write might be inaccurate. Also, bear in mind that these rules apply more to the “learning boy” community which is supposedly vast, and might vary from one community to another. Feel free to clear any misconceptions.

So Yosef & Yael are now sitting in Misrad Ha’Pnim waiting to get married. Yes, there was a wedding 6 months ago but our respective documents still have us down as single. We gathered up any documents that seemed relevant, a photo or three, and a fistful of shekalim.

Summary and Personal Date of Birth: Goldberg points to her having the charisma of a carrot Photo: Bais Yaakov of Lakewood Seminary: Online program to obtain teaching certificate from Torah Umesorah Work Experience Counselor in several backyard camps in Brooklyn and Lakewood Kanievsky or Rav Elyashiv if his line is busy Internet: No, unless pulled over by a female Police Officer Hobbies: White table cloth, no plastic covers, no ground beef or plate scraping at the table Would be willing to live in: By the way, good luck to all those clone-like girls finding mister perfect.

Reply Link Chavi June 23, , And completing the sefer while standing in line at Jewish stores … Made. Susanne G June 23, , Where did you get my resume?!! A23 June 23, ,

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Confessions of a Shidduch Dater Shidduch Dating: a system of matchmaking in which Jewish singles are introduced to one another in Orthodox Jewish communities for the purpose of marriage. Spending hours on OnlySimchas looking through pictures of people you don’t know = sketchy.

Information relating to his parental background is not available at present. Similarly, he has not revealed detailed information regarding his early life and childhood to the public. He is of American nationality. Furthermore, his ethnic background is not available at present. Talking about his education, Steve attended Syracuse University. Later, he graduated from there with a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism in Furthermore, he previously graduated from Mercer Island High School in Later, from , he was the lead anchor for Comcast SportsNet Houston before the network went bankrupt.

Additionally, he has also garnered four Texas Emmy Awards nomination. He won the award for his groundbreaking interview with Carl Lewis.

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I consider myself to be a very lucky and blessed individual! I have my health and a loving mishpacha! YU and I have a network of business colleagues that spans the globe. I posses a six pack that would make Brad Pitt jealous only a slight exaggeration and the type of winning personality that would make Tony Robbins shepp nachas!

Despite all the innate ability that hakadosh baruchoo has blessed me with, one of the main reasons I consider myself to be such a fortunate buchur is the fact that I have never been on a bad date! Throughout the past several years, as my friends and I have started dating, I have heard some real dating horror stories!

Aug 30,  · Lipa just woke up the dead! There has been a custom by Chassidim and the Oberlander (Hungarians from Pressburg area) community that once a woman gets married, she shaves all her hair off, bald like the palm of your hand!

Thinking of of anything besides Dalmatians is asking a lot of the human mind. Many of these pressures are not forced upon us, they are ones we have accepted upon ourselves. This can apply outside the Stern world as well. The bottom line is, marriage can start looking like a fashionable trend rather than a life altering decision even if you know the truth. Weddings are hard to plan 2. Weddings require lots of money 3. You have to make a guest list 4. Making a guest list means choosing who to invite and who not to invite 5.

Choosing who to invite and who not to invite means unintentionally insulting people 6.

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This book doesn’t read like it’s trying to be Ortho Jew rep; it just is. Like, the whole thing about how Leah reads a website with people’s engagements? That was my life in college. Sadly, Facebook took its place for the more modern set, but until Facebook blew up, I was on OnlySimchas. And yes, I totally learned about friends getting engaged after three months that way.

Splash. Swimsuit season can make many a woman break into a nervous sweat, but imagine if you were flaunting a bathing suit in public for the first time ever?Well, Caitlyn Jenner conquered that fear on one of the first episodes of I Am Cait, Jenner’s two-season docuseries which showcased her life as .

Kimmy Caplan from the area of sermons of historical American rabbis to the contemporary haredi community and contemporary Orthodox historiography the latter which will be the subject of an upcoming post at the Michtavim blog. I believe that his varied areas of research have reunited in his recent article, “Studying Haredi Mizrahim in Israel: Trends, Achievements, and Challenges,” in Peter Y. Oxford University Press, , , specifically as he discusses the differences in the Friday night and Motzei Shabbat sermons of Maran Ovadiah Yosef, in the selection quoted at the Michtavim blog.

See the post here. Although some secular sources, including tax records and other documents, have recently been unearthed by academic researchers, there is a paucity of Jewish texts. Mayim Hayyim was published in Zhitomer by Shapira press. The Shapira press is well-known for publishing hassidic works, and the press was originally in Slavita. As a result of dubious circumstances, the press moved to Zhitomer and in the Mayim Hayyim was published.

Mayim Hayyim mainly consists of the responsa of R.

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